Welcome to Dreager Development!

For over 20 years Dreager Development has designed, drafted, built and remodeled homes in the Lake Havasu, Bullhead, Parker, and surrounding areas.

Energy efficient construction standards have always been a feature of Dreager Development homes, and now with the incorporation of Sustainable Building Standards, are now an integral part of the home design, materials specification, ergonometry and finish.

With Dreager Development every aspect of your new home's design and construction will be assessed for efficiency and functionality. From the doorway heights and widths, flooring choices, the home's orientation on the lot, the incorporation of and type of windows, to the integration of photovoltaics into the home's electrical system. Dreager Development strives to make each home, designed and built, a comfortable, ergomonic, and energy efficient refuge for each family served. So come inside, see some of our methods and be assured that you can realize a lifetime of energy efficient benefits which will pay for themselves and provide a multitude of benefits in comfort and reliability for you and your family for many years to come.

No matter if you are looking for a new home, to make your castle a little for efficient, or are seeking to add a new RV Garage; Dreager Development Inc. can get you there. Welcome!